6 Topics You Should Know Regarding Plumbing

During the holidays bathroom facilities are taxed with additional traffic and usage. Annual maintenance to clear any build-up can often prevent major toilet clogs and avoid the spread of infectious waste in the bathroom. Also, stay away from using chemicals to try and clear blockage as this rarely remedies a clogged line and can damage your pipes. If a plunger doesnt clear the clog, turn to the pros. What to be mindful of with water heaters? The arrival of cooler weather raises caution for water heaters. Cold air causes expansion and contraction in water heaters and in older units, fractures can occur resulting in failure which usually leads to flooding. Routine maintenance can identify those risks as well as ensure water heaters are operating effectively and efficiently. Water heaters are your best friend, but can cause a lot of headaches when they are not taken care of or installed incorrectly. With some minor attention, you can prevent major problems from occurring and enjoy the holiday without flooding or no hot water with a house full of guests. Gary Eisenhauer is general manager of The Sunny Plumber.


The pilot light in a gas water heater is made possible by either of two devices. In older water heaters its called a thermocouple which is a heat sensing bulb attached to a copper capillary which connects to the fuel control valve. It produces a small electrical signal (millivolts) which allows the pilot to stay lit. In newer style water heaters the manufacturers will provide either the traditional thermocouple or a pilot generator which is a larger sized sensing bulb and instead if a copper capillary tube, they actually use shielded light gauged wires which connect to the fuel control valve and again allow the pilot to stay lit. In older water heaters thermocouples have a tendency to burn out which is not unusual, but in some cases, it may have moved out of position keeping it from sensing the heat generated by the pilot light. Ive actually seen new water heaters having pilot outage issues because the thermocouple moved out of position while in transit. In nine out of ten cases in my experience, the Gas Water Heater Pilot Light went out because the thermocouple lost it ability to generate enough voltage to keep the pilot going. A common repair in the world of gas water heaters. I have not had the opportunity to replace a pilot generator with the shielded wire leads on a gas water heater to date.


In an emergency or temporary situation, boiling water before using it can eliminate certain types of organic contaminants. If other homes receiving water from the same source show no signs of contamination, then the problem is most likely with your main water pipe . Cracks in the main supply line bringing water into the house can permit various chemicals and bacteria to leech into the water from the soil. In this situation, trenchless pipe replacement offers a cost effective solution that is less disruptive than traditional repair methods. While a filtration system may be able to address the contamination, the damaged pipe will likely lead to additional problems in the long run and should be replaced or repaired immediately. For homes with well water, the options for treating contaminants are more limited. Installing a quality filtration system is the primary solution. Water can be treated either at the point of entry, where it comes into the house, or the point of use, where it is actually used inside the home. Generally speaking, point of entry systems are less intrusive, more effective, and more cost efficient. Whether your California home is supplied by municipal water systems or a well, checking for contaminants on a regular basis is a good practice to Gordontheplumber.com Wayne IL 60184 ensure the safety of the people in your household. With so many areas of the state experiencing trouble with water, keeping up to date on your local water quality is a wise precaution.


But if theres no water now just dusty evidence you still might be able to find the leak. Water follows the path of least resistance. Theres a pretty good chance if you found evidence of a leak (and it hasnt been fixed ), that water will travel that way again. One trick to help find where the drips are dropping from calls for a paper towel or paper bag. This is a useful trick in rental homes, especially when youve just moved in (since a leak may have been fixed, but the cleanup job may not have been too great). Grab a paper towel, a paper bag, or even a newspaper and put it under where you suspect dripping. If a drip falls, it will leave a spot, which should help you find where the drip originated. You can also try making an ink grid on the paper using some sort of non-permanent marker to make any drips more obvious. If there are supply lines or appliances around the suspect area, check them carefully for rips or splits, unattached hoses , or anything else that looks like it could cause a leak. If all looks right, turn on the water (or water-using appliance), making sure you can turn if off again quickly just in case.


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