7 Topics You Should Know Regarding Plumbing

The MAP Presidential Award calls out the excellence of leaders who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to effectively leading themselves, their teams and their organization. Yet the award also spotlights their teams success in using the MAP Management System to achieve breakthrough results. A proven business-management solution, the MAP System leverages MAPs customized consulting and an accountability process to execute Vital Factors Goals. This process is the critical, differentiating factor thats enabling these organizations achievement. Its also giving these organizations a significant marketplace edge in providing the Gordontheplumber.com Oak Brook IL 60523 strategies to sustain the healthy business-management habits of their disciplined leaders . These are impressive organizations, says John Manning, president of MAP, the Los Angeles-based firm that has helped 170,000 leaders in more than 15,000 organizations over the past 50+ years. Theyve worked hard to embrace and uphold structured accountability in everything they do. Theyve transformed their organization from the top down, developing strong companies with loyal employee and customer/client followings. With MAPs proven system, theyre experiencing greater performance, profitability and overall health. Today, were celebrating their commendable commitment and notable accomplishments. The 2016 winners have all implemented MAPs unique process discipline to strengthen their organizations through on-target business-plan execution and the achievement of Vital Factors Goals. The Presidential Awards criteria include: Implementation of the MAP Management System throughout the organization; Significant improvement in company Vital Factors, the critical elements that sustain business growth; Establishment of consistent, effective leadership that provides clear company direction; Reinforcement of company values through consistently walking the talk; and Demonstration of the overall, hard work of its executives, management and employees.


Although hydro-jetting can be used in residential properties as well, it really shines when it comes to handling the heavy-duty problems that so often plague commercial plumbing. A truly professional solution for clogged plumbing, hydro-jetting is best described as power washing for pipes . The process involves a high-pressure water hose equipped with a specialized nozzle that blasts water through the line while also sending spinning jets of water behind it as it snakes through the pipe. Any material clogging the line is broken apart by the forward spray and forced through the pipe. Meanwhile, the rearward facing spray cleans up the mess, scraping residual materials away from the sides of the pipe and creating a backwash of water that forces any remaining debris down the line. Depending on the extent of the clog and the condition of the pipes, hydro-jetting can adjust water pressure from a fairly modest strength (1,500-7,000 psi) to high intensity, hydro-blastin g levels (10,000-60,000 psi) to clear serious blockages. By way of comparison, a typical firefighter fire hose shoots out water at about 300 psi. While people typically dont think of spraying water as dangerous, even consumer grade pressure washers can generate enough force to cause skin lacerations. Given the pressures involved, hydro-jetting is strictly something best left to professionals. Hydro-jetting can clear away not only the usual source of clogs (hair, food waste, etc), but it can even break up tree roots and more substantial blockages. Since it scours the inside of the pipe, its also an effective means of removing long-term gunk, grease, and oil buildup as well as collected sediment that can restrict water flow and form the basis of future clogs.


As Goodrich puts it in a Las Vegas business publication interview in March 2017: Our ultimate goal is to bring our brand, our unique customer-centric culture and processes across the nation and become the gold standard for home service in the U.S. To that end, the plumbing side of the organization is being aggressively marketed around an image of the sun. The company logo is a smiling cartoon sun ablaze with cheerfulness and holding a pipe wrench in one of its sunbeams. The theme continues through bright orange and yellow wrapping on service trucks and the giveaway of a pair of sunglasses with every job. The positive vibes flowing from the company image are also, by design, feltwithinthe company, according to Eisenhauer. He says The Sunny Plumber is as optimistic a workplace as it appears to be. Every company goes through its trials, but we do everything we can to keep morale up. We do everything we can to make it a positive work environment. The management style I have always followed is to lead on a positive level, he says. And the positive attitude we have in the office, when conveyed to our clients, helps them overcome their situations. After all, the clients have called us because they are unhappy.


Our panels average 6 ft. high, depending on the grade. That's high enough for visual privacy but low enough so you can visit with neighbors through the jail bars near the top. You can vary the height if you wish, but you'll have to figure out the best length of 16 and 14 panel boards to buy for cutting efficiency. Likewise, the spacing between the ground and the panels can be higher or shorter depending on your needs. In our case, we kept the bottom about 3 in. above the top of the grass. Make it less if you want to keep micro dogs in (or out) of your yard. If easy mowing is a priority, make it slightly higher than the wheels on your lawn mower. Get started by nailing 14 cedar boards to the insides of the posts (Photo 5).Don't nail higher than 6 ft. Otherwise you may hit the nails with the saw blade when cutting the posts to height.


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