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And Gary Eisenhauer, general manager, believes that’s only the beginning. “Ten years from now, we’d like to be in all the states,” Eisenhauer says. “It’s a lofty goal but absolutely possible.” The Sunny Plumber would not, of course, be the first plumbing company with a national footprint. Think Roto-Rooter, for example. However, The Sunny Plumber can’t offer a novel solution to clogged plumbing lines like Samuel Oscar Blanc did with his homemade root-cutting device. Rather, company executives are banking on expertise and a sunny disposition to power their expansion. Ken Goodrich is the driving force behind The Sunny Plumber’s ambitious growth plan. The entrepreneur, who grew up in his father’s air-conditioning business, has founded a succession of successful heating-ventilation-air conditioning firms and plumbing companies, including acquisitions in Arizona in 2013 that introduced The Sunny Plumber to Tucson and Phoenix. Two years later, the company opened an office in Las Vegas and, in 2016, in Corona, California.


In older water heaters thermocouples have a tendency to burn out which is not unusual, but in some cases, it may have moved out of position keeping it from sensing the heat generated by the pilot light. I’ve actually seen new water heaters having pilot outage issues because the thermocouple moved out of position while in transit. In nine out of ten cases in my experience, the Gas Water Heater Pilot Light went out because the thermocouple lost it ability to generate enough voltage to keep the pilot going. A common repair in the world of gas water heaters. I have not had the opportunity to replace a pilot generator with the shielded wire leads on a gas water heater to date. Although I did have to replace one on my own gas fireplace. In the video below I illustrate an older water heater followed by a more modern version and take through some steps needed should you decide to attempt this repair yourself. WARNING: I do not recommend the D.I.Y. person take on a repair like this but I know that many in fact do and with that in mind hopefully I can help you avoid some pitfalls in the process.


You Won’t Need To Call A Professional As Often Home visits are outrageously expensive, no matter what has broken down. Avoid this costly aspect of home ownership by keeping all your major appliances and apparatuses in good working order. When you turn your thermostat up, you expect the temperature to increase; likewise, if you want more cool air indoors to counteract the seasonal heat outdoors, you expect a response that corresponds to your commands, but that won’t happen regularly without proper maintenance. On the other hand, you can dramatically increase efficiency, simply by keeping up with the maintenance . 6. Maintaining The HVAC System Keeps Your Warranty Valid If your system is under warranty, failing to keep up with regular inspections and repairs could invalidate that important paperwork. Since you want to avoid the out-of-pocket costs, follow the details of the warranty and keep the equipment up to standards. Are you constantly hearing complaints that the heat is staggering in summertime? Are you wanting to stick your head in the freezer around mid-afternoon when the sun is at peak? A failing air-conditioner likely means you’ll be uncomfortable all season long, as well as indicating you’re not keeping up with maintenance. As intense as the heat can be in Summer when your home isn’t operating at optimal levels of efficiency, the cold will be just as brutal in Winter.


There are so many furniture brands out there that seek to provide customer- and environment-safe products. You can also DIY to really make sure you know clogged drain what's in your home! Just be sure before cleaning you check out how to use natural cleaners when cleaning furniture. Curtains and blinds not only allow you some privacy, as well as keep the light out when it's shining in your eyes or you need a nap on the couch, but they also help save energy! To ensure you get the right kind, be sure you look for the ones that specifically prevent heat loss in the winter and deflect the suns rays to keep your home cooler in the summer. Technology has come a long way, making for greener ways to enjoy your home and save some dough. From smart ACs to the Nest Thermostat, and motion sensors that turn lights on and off, there are plenty of ways to keep the cost down and the environment friendly! Use Eco-friendly Alternatives to Plastic Bags There's just something super convenient about opting for plastic bags at the grocery store. Is it because they're lightweight? Is it because they have handles for easy carrying?


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